Open Source as a new learning media

06 Apr

We all have known that in the past, computer technology is dominated in one name. I will not mention the name because i’m sure all of you must know it. For many decade, the operating systems, office application, and media are built under one name. It doesn’t mean i dislike with that (currently i’m still using it’s famous OS though :D).
What i want to share here is, there’s a new media, a new place to learn about computer with cost-free. It’s called Open Source. You can learn various product of Open Source such as Java, Linux, Solaris, and so on. Now, i want to talk something about OS. Just what i have said before, for many decade, OS is dominated under one vendor. And of course, in School we’ve taught the basic of computer using it’s operating system. So, i think it’s like a pre-planted habit in our life. Habit that goes our mind to say that IF A COMPUTER, THEN WINDOWS. Not really no i think. A computer is not about a vendor. A computer is a machine. A computer is a thing to make human life more better. About the OS, it’s all about us. I think, there should be a change in thinking paradigm.
What should we do then? We can learn computer with cost-free in open source. You can use linux or solaris as new media to help your life. Actually, i’m not familiar with that 2, but i want to learn more. There’s many unique things you can explore. I’m not promoting about open source, but i want you to expand your knowledge by gaining much more in open source. So, let’s learn more about Open Source!

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Posted by on April 6, 2009 in English, Programming


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