How to develop a light-weight application (a basic tip for a beginner)

01 Aug

Developing application is a interesting thing to learn. Developing application is somewhat easy and somewhat hard, depends on your project or the cases contains in the application. There are several tips to develop application much easier and stronger.

1. Work in team

Create a team. A team is important because you couldn’t develop all by your self. Yes, you could develop everything with your own hands, but will it strong? Or would it optimized?
A team basically should consists of programmer and system designer. But for an optimal one, you could split your team into 4 section : Programmer / Developer, System Analyst / Designer, UI Designer, and Tester. You can define how many person you should put to each section. Note that you have to be wised in putting number of persons into each sections.

2. Design your system

During my experience in internship terms, designing system before developing it help me so much. We could define how the database relation scheme, what classes should i create, and the sequence of my program while it’s executed. For creating database, you could use EntityRelationship Diagram to represent relationship between each node and Class Diagram to represent relationship between tables. Class diagram yet are useful to design what class should you create during Development phase. Sequence Diagram are useful too, to define sequence of the program. UseCase Diagram is useful to define WHAT ROLE should do WHAT THINGS. Be wised in design and prepare it well or you will get failed during development phase.

3. Define your programming language

Programming Language is important because it’s core of developing phase. Wrong or unsuitable programming language will fail you during Development Phase. For example, it’s impossible to use Delphi 7 to create ObjectOriented Application. Or if you want to create interactive web application, it’s impossible if you just use HTML. So, discuss it with your team what programming language that best suit with your cases.

4. Create TimeLine. Never Make it So Long

TimeLine is important to define when should the application finished. Define your timeline that suit with your case and your ability. Never make it too long, otherwise you will be punished with your customer. On the contrary, don’t make a blank hope to your customer by giving a short-time developing phase. Once the customer disappointed with you, they would not call you for any projects.

5. Error Testing

Yeah, during my experience, this part is the most thing that developer forgot to handle to. Error testing is the last important things to be handled. It’s important to check whether any bugs or holes that insist inside the code. This part, yet is useful to make error code if there’s a human-error. Many developer forget this. It should be exist in any project team, so that your application would be 99% perfect (why not 100%, because NOTHING PERFECT IN THIS WORLD, PAL :D)

So, i hope this tip would be useful for anyone who want to start making a project team. Thank you, Good bye!

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